Why Everyone needs a Tool Roll Bag for Overlanding

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October 24th 2022 - 5 minute Read

Why is a Tool Roll Bag Must-Have Overlanding Gear? 

Overlanding is intense. You're heading out for a long-term trip. If you want to make it back in one piece, or just make it back period, you need to pack a few essentials that can be lifesaving.

You'll be relying heavily on your vehicle, and the most common issue people have is with their tires.

A spare tire – and not one of those small, 50-mile tires – is a must-have. Key upgrades to your vehicle can help, too. Focus on your suspension, tires and maintenance before leaving for your trip.

On top of this, you’ll want to pack:

• A reliable air compressor

• Mapping software, paper maps, and GPS

• Power system, such as solar panels, to charge devices in a pinch

• First aid kit and fire extinguishers just in case

• Tool kit

Your equipment and vehicle are your lifeline. If you don’t have the right tools, you’re taking a major risk overlanding. But a toolbox should stay in your garage and a Tool Roll should make it into your vehicle instead.


You Don’t Have Space for a Toolbox

Do you want to lug a big toolbox with you? No, you don’t. Whether you’re off-roading, camping or in an RV, you want to pack as light as possible.

Overlanding should never feel clunky.

Your journey will be a lot more comfortable if you have a tool roll. You can carry your tools with you – it's a necessity – but do it with a small, compact bag that rolls up and can be cinched tight.

And everything stays organized, too.

Organize your Tools with a Tool Roll

How are your organizational skills? If you’re like most outdoor enthusiasts, you would rather spend more time exploring than trying to organize a toolbox or bag just the right way to close it up.

Tool rolls are designed with space-saving and organization in mind.

Our Original Tool Roll takes the hassle out of organization with:

• 5 zipper pockets that make it easy to categorize your tools

• Deep pockets so that you have the space you need for all of your tools

If you’re off-roading, pushing your vehicle to the limit and break something, your trip doesn’t have to end. A tool set can help you make fast repairs so that you never get slowed down for long.

And it’s possible to empty entire tool bags into one roll.

You can organize your tools, find the tools you need faster and do it all with one, small bag specially designed to carry all of your most important tools.

You Should Never Be Held Back from Your Journey

Toolboxes are not designed to be mobile. Even small toolboxes are big and heavy. What if you’re out with your friends, they break down and you need to come to the rescue with a quick repair?

You're not going to want to hold onto your toolbox while riding your ATV to help your friend.

Tool Rolls make sure that you have the mobility you need to keep the journey going. Your experience shouldn’t be held back by not having the right gear.

When anything can happen, you need to be mobile. Period.

And on top of being mobile, you also want to be silent.

Oh, and Speaking of Silent

If you’ve trekked through rugged terrain and hit bump after bump or are wheelin over rocks, you know how loud tools clunking together can be. Clattering, messy tools may keep your eyes open, but they’ll also make your blood boil.

The sound of metal clanking together is irritating - for everyone.

Tool Roll bags are nice and silent. Your tools are in pockets, wrapped up and not able to jostle around with a sound that can wake the dead.

And you won’t be interrupting other campers or scaring the life out of the wildlife with each rock you hit.

If you want to be silent, a Tool Roll is your best bet.

Planning on overlanding and want to be sure that you have enough space for your tools?

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