Made for those who like to work smarter, not harder.

tool roll bag, Tool Organizer Bag, Best Tool Roll

  •  Saves you valuable time

  •  Keeps you On the move

  •  Helps you stay organized

Tool Organizer Bag, Roll Up tool bag, Canvas Tool Roll

"This tool roll is exactly what I needed. After years of lugging around a heavy toolbox and searching longer then I should for the right tool, I am very happy to find something that takes those annoyances right away. It holds all the tools I need and then some. The different pouches are perfect for organizing my essentials. Would definitely buy again."

-Dan M. Amarillo, TX

Over 4500+ sold and counting, this Tool Roll simplifies your work day and saves you time in the process!

  • Durable and tough canvas material made to last.

  • Five pockets to organize exactly what you need ready right when you need it.

  • Secured by a middle strap and buckle to roll it up and take it wherever you need to go.

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Can I purchase the bundle deal but with different colors? 

Yes, you can! Navigate to the All Products tab and you can add whatever color combo you would like to your cart. Then at checkout, use BUNDLE3 for 3 Tool Rolls or BUNDLE2 for 2 Tool Rolls and the bundle sale discount will be reflected!

Why will this save me time?

Are you tired of spending longer than you should searching for that flathead at the bottom of a tool bag or tool box? With each individual pocket in our Tool Roll, you can get to what you need faster and more efficiently. It's a simple but extremely effective idea that people are loving.

What size is it?

Our Tool Roll is 18”L by 11”W 

What type of material?

Our Tool Roll is made out of a durable canvas material. Similar to the feel of a backpack or tote bag.

Does it come in different colors?

Yes! Currently, we are making khaki, green, and black. Our zipper colors have recently changed to gold. 

Will it Hold A Hammer?

Unfortunately, a hammer will not fit inside the pockets, but you can roll it up in the middle of the bag and secure tightly with a strap. 

How many pockets are there?

There are five pockets! 

Can I wash it? 

Yes, but air dry it! 

Gone are the days of having to lug around clunky, messy toolboxes that slow you down and waste valuable time. With this Tool Roll you can:

Take It:

  • Up a ladder with ease

  • On the road ready with exactly what you may need

  • Through tight squeeze backyards and corridors

  • Into the nooks and crannies of an attic 

  • Underneath the car right beside you

  • Wherever you need it to be

Place It:

  • In the front seat of your truck within reach right as you get out

  • On your motorcycle, strapped in and secured

  • In the house utility drawer organizing all of those loose tools 

  • On a hook hanging anywhere, unfolded and ready to go

  • In your glovebox or your trunk for emergencies

Use It:

  • As a companion to the toolbox, storing only what you need for the job at hand

  • On your next Overlanding adventure

  • To store your essentials for any job, hobby, or adventure
  • To work faster, smarter and more efficiently

  • To get the job done, because at the end of the day, that's what matters

Wrench Roll, Tool Organizer Bag, Roll Up Bag
tool roll bag, Tool Organizer Bag, Best Tool Roll
tool roll bag, Tool Organizer Bag, Best Tool Roll

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1 Tool Roll

3 Tool Rolls

2 Tool Rolls

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Will I receive a confirmation number when I place my order?

Yes, all customers will receive an order number after placing their orders. In the unforeseen event that you do not receive confirmation please email us immediately at Or use the website chat feature. Real people ready to provide real solutions from 9-8pm EST.  

How long will it take for my Tool Roll to arrive?

Due to recent high demand of orders our shipping times are running a bit longer than usual at around 10-20 days. But when you purchase, we will be updating you every step of the way until you receive your Tool Roll!